Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Occasionally, a book series comes along that is like the finest junkfood....once you start, you can't until it's finished;>. The Kurtherian Gambit books are just that.
The books start with the central character Bethany Anne going from a black ops operative with a couple months to life to her becoming the Empress of the Etheric Empire;>.
The universe of this Urban Fantasy/Military Sci Fi series is one of actively competing species all fearful of the godlike Kutherians. They are divided into two philosophies; The Five Clans who ORIGINALLY had a "Prime Directive" attitude toward other species and The Seven who are pretty much the Shadows from Babylon 5;>. The 7 genetically uplift species and pit them together as Bethany Anne quaintly(and accurately)describes as "interplanetary cockfights". The "combat" them, the 5 seek out species in the 7's way and do the same(for their protection". The 7 have had a base on Earth for more than a millennia. The 5 sent a scout ship about the Viking Period which is shot down. The pilot captured a peasant and attempted to "upgrade" him. It didn't go well or get finished and the escaped and contagious(the nanites hadn't been programed to remain with their host)and thus was born our Vampires. You can guess where our Shapeshifters came from;>.
Fun, Funny and an easy read(the main characters keep reminding the scientists that:
They're "just" Grunts
Can kill them with a single finger

The saddest thing about the series is that it's pretty sure close to how our planet's gov'ts would respond to a group that's keeping tech from them because they're prepping for an invasion by the galaxies....


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