Jan. 18th, 2017

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Well, it might have been easier at least for my local Spirit project if we still lived in FWB with it's local Indian museum but probably not. I'm planning to "pop" over next time I'm there to see if they have any info I haven't found already.
One big problem is one that's not just here; the tribes here moved here during Colonial times. Literally driven from their homes in the North. Those that had lived here were pretty much wiped out by the Spanish and their diseases. The few left couldn't defend themselves and were either wiped out or absorbed. Luckily, the previous folks were from the same language group as those that supplanted them so their Spirit Realms might have been similar. If not, the Mvskoke Peoples were long enough to bring THEIRS.
The two most mentioned in the material I've found(other than their God/desses)are the Tie Snakes and the Little People. Sadly, none of the sources I've found have their Mvskoke Names, just the ones the Christian Missionaries labeled them with.
Both are generally Neutral. The "Leave us alone and we'll probably leave you alone" types of Beings. The Tie/Tye Snakes(seen them spelled both ways) live in Shadow; dark pools, holes under roots, etc. Definitely of the Underworld. They generally are seen as snakes with bright stripes and horns. The odd thing is some pictograms and pottery show them with Ramshorns, an animal not generally found before Europeans in the deep Southeast. Attempts to propitiate them are iffy; one time it works, the next you're TOAST.
The Little People are just that. Standard proportioned the size of a child, dressed in "old fashioned clothing". They're generally about as friendly as a standoffish person and can attach themselves to individuals and families. Considering both were never found around(unless attached to people) in Mvskoke villages and farms, I doubt I'd run into either locally....


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