Apr. 10th, 2017

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Been an Interesting day and it's not even noon. Went over to Dad's to do his daily BP. It was better than yesterday, but then again, my brother had been there and did his taxes for him, as well as gathering papers he thought should bee shredded. Now, I know Chris is right but Dad's an Alpha male. Needless to say, yesterday's BP was through the roof.
Today's was much more normal. Then again he was drunk at 0930. He used to do so in the afternoon so he had the morning's free but now? He just stays in and drinks. Hardly surprising, since up until his 70's he was still active(more than me)and now can't do much physically and the Alzheimer's is putting the reins on the mental. It's hard enough to get him to take the meds that keep him alive. He's not going for antidepressants....esp since he HAS a reason to BE Depressed.
My brother, while cynical compared to his newage wife is still hopeful he could have a few more good yrs. He's NOT and he knows it. He could be in pain forcing himself to keep "fit" to please Chris but he's not going to. After Mom Passed, he told me that he was "done". Like a lot of spouses of folks who had long, terrible chronic illnesses and deaths he had a "bounce" after all that Burden was lifted in relief but that's over and now he's looking at at best a miserable couple of yrs without his companion of 60 yrs. I Understand and actually, so does his wife. Chris?
The best we can hope for is Pain moderation and keeping him company so he knows he isn't alone. Maybe someday we'll all be on the same page....


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