Jun. 23rd, 2017

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Well, everything's done till August....except for the Watering, Weeding, etc;>. I can enjoy the garden, at least on days when it isn't a steambath. The last of the Lilies are finishing up and the Morning Glories are beginning. The 1st to start is a weird Japanese cultivar that produces what looks like those tissue flowers you made in Primary school in Arts & Crafts. Have to admit, I'm not impressed. The various Achimenes(relatives of the Gloxinia and African Violet)are starting up. One of the species I grow, misera has delicate leaves with purple veins with purple-throated white trumpet blossoms. I think next yr I'm going to plant some in the part Shade garden instead of only in pots since they're regularly Hardy here in z8. The old hybrid 'Harry Williams' has naturalized in the front garden under the Crepe Myrtle so the signs are good it'll do well. I think it's too humid here for Mexicana. The blossoms don't hold up. Too bad, since they're large Violet ones with white throats. Very striking!
I think my Mayan Spinach has caught some disease, it hasn't done ANYTHING since Spring and normally it grows a ft a month. The Myoga's doing well but sadly hasn't shown any reverting to the Green form which I'd prefer instead of the ornamental which produces less. Hey! It took 15 yrs to get THAT. I shouldn't be ungrateful;>!
I'm giving the Persimmon till next yr. If we have no fruits by this time like this, it's GONE. No matter how pretty the Fall leaves are. As much as I want to plant an ASian Pear, I'll probably plant a dwarf Fig. Figs do well here. In fact, there's one in the hedge near my brother's house. Probably;>....


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