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Not a review or recommendation, since I won't be watching this one. Even if I'm a Japanophile. It was Interesting that only a couple days after finishing 'A Year In the Life of a Shinto Shrine by JK Nelson that the 1st trailers for this flick began running so I had a bit of a different "take" on the "Poor Oppressed Christians".....
The subject, like many that are Uncomfortable to Japanese was covered tangently. It began with a discrepancy the author noted about when the shrine was founded. One answer was over a millennium old. The other only a few hundred years.
The truth was that there had been a shrine there for more than a millennium. The present one was only a couple yrs old because for almost 2 hundred yrs it and all the other shrines in the area had been torched by Christians. Each attempt to rebuild had them burning the buldings down as so it reached the point that Shinto Followers had to Worship outdoors or in buildings owned by Nobles too Noble for the Christians and their Portuguese and Spanish overlords to excuse.
The practice is well-known to all members of the alt.relgious from our Histories. The Church convinced the Nobility that Converting brought a wealthier lifestyle(just as some still do, esp Mormons in Africa and S America...also why they have the poorest retention OF new converts once an American lifestyle doesn't come). They order their people to convert and crack down on the Indigenous Ways.
What happened unusually in Japan that too many high up churchmen told the truth...that it was about National Power, not Souls.
Yes, Japanese Christians were tortured and murdered. But it only happened after almost 2 centuries of abuse of the those following Shinto AND Buddhism as well as political "shenanigans"(probably what tipped the balance. Shinto and Buddhist Noble families had their own Priests and shrines. So what if the Merchant and Working Class had to worship in the ruins of their shrines? But mess with their Powerbase!?!?).
Personally? I recommend 'AYITLOASS' by JKN for ANY alt.religious to see how an intact(mostly. WW2 did a number due to both the Occupation AND the gov'ts use of Shinto to boost Nationalism)tribal Way survives in the modern age where most Japanese have got more of Shinto's theology from Anime and Manga than Shrine Instruction;>....


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