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Usually, by the time we can afford some piece of tech it's been around forever and so no point but for Yule we got a Tap. It just took a while to get it connected(esp when your smartphone is so old and the instructions are done for the present Iphone;>).

Good Points: Voice Controlled(though you do have to push a button 1st. Much less creepier than the Echo which is listening always and uploading what you say to it and around it).
Bad Points: Voice Controlled. It can't understand Chuck at all and half the time me due to the "cottonmouth" that my meds give me.

Good Points: Mobile. Bad Point: Needs Wifi. I point this obvious fact oput because one of the complaints online about the Tap was that it wouldn't work at a picnic;>. For us, our gardens are within range of our wifi so no problems;>!

It has great sound though the volume can be a bit "fiddly". And as nice as it would be to be able to change artists or playlists without touching(and getting it dirty while in the garden)I'd rather not have "Big Sister" listening in to our lives....
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