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Over a decade ago Chuck decided he didn't want to drink anymore so we didn't. Wasn't a problem(glass of wine with dinner or liquor after),he just didn't want to. Wasn't a big deal to me, though I kept "imbibing" for Ritual reasons;>.
Then, starting last Fall I began to REASAAALLLY want one, so last month I bought a bottle of fair Sake.
Normally, there's been a correlation of my fav "tipple" and my Belief System at that time. When I was Wiccan it was Ale. When CR it was Single Malt but when I "Came Home" to Heathenry, it should have been Mead. But it wasn't. A big reason was that for the most time you couldn't find it and when you did, it was too rare to just have as an evening cocktail. It became Sake.
The main reason I believe is that I've been a Japanophile since I was a kid. Mom went to live with her mom's 2nd husband in Japan during MacArthur's Occupation and there was a lot of stuff an books brought back that I found fascinating.
No matter, like Ales and single malts before it, I was a "snob". It didn't have to be expensive, just very good. And honestly, it'd be easier if my present "fav" was one of the past one's because it's not easy finding decent Sake "run hyar". Good enough for Cooking sure, but drink?
Luckily, I found a store in the town we used to live in that carries decent domestic. Ordering online costs more than the drink itself!
So now I can sit an hr or two before bedtime with a Sake cup full of something both tasty and relaxing; allowing family and personal "trials" to be put on the backburner till the next day...


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