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Well, it is today. For the last couple of weeks it was more like Summer with days in the 80'sF. Hardly surprising that the early Spring flowers did poorly, if at all. The mid season ones(like Daffodils and Violets) are doing much better. In fact, an 'Ice Follies' Daffodil blossom is my new phone screen;>!
All the yrly repotting's been DONE. It'd been so warm that I'd volunteer Morning Glory seedlings popping up all over so I thought it'd be fine to plant this yr's Japanese Imperial Morning Glory cultivars. Front came through yesterday, watering them in with a "gullywasher". Got up to do my AM walk and it's in the 50'sF(which is normal for this yr, not the last 3 week's mid 60's Night temps). Temps are supposed to go back to "Unseasonably" tomorrow so I don't think Mold is going to be an issue.
Only have one Hummer feeder at present since the cheap one in the back garden is too easy for the squirrels to drain dry. Ideally, I'd have a bunch of single feed ones since they are Territorial(we had one yr before last that would fly over the house repeatedly to drive other Hummers away 'cause he'd Claimed both;>)but limited space precludes that.
May have to order again a Lemon Verbena since the one I got last month was damaged by Freezing(the danger of ordering from areas still with Snow;>). My old one didn't take the move well....
There's a few plants I may move about if the weather doesn't get too Hot in the next coupe of days, other than that everything but Annuals are in for the yr!


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