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Even though it’s not Summer, the Temps say it IS. Weather? Heavy, Hot and Humid. Summer….
Even though it’s early, I’ve two “washouts”; ‘Matsumoto’ Persimmon and ‘Phoenix’ Nasturtiums. This is the 3rd yr the former’s dropped all it’s fruits and I don’t have the space for aa fruit tree that doesn’t produce fruit, no matter how pretty in Fall. The latter was supposed to have serrated petals, like someone took pinking shears to them but only 20% are of type. I think next yr I’ll go back to the standard forms. Nasturtiums are a great combo ornamental/culinary plant here in “The Dangly Bits” for Spring and early Summer. Can’t grow Watercress at hoe but I can it’s relative;>!
The Turmeric hasn’t broken Dormancy yet but the Myoga and Galangal Gingers have been up for over a month now and looking good. Maybe this yr I’ll bet some buds from the Myoga. You can’t even get the pickled form at the local Asian groceries.
On the ornamental side I’m kind of amused that only one seedling each has germinated from both a fancy new Japanese Imperial Morning Glory I’m trying and one from 7 yr old seed that got lost and had been stored at Florida roomtemp.


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