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Well, the softig female vocalized melodically. Got the last of my aids meds today. I do have assistance, but for some reason they seem to think that Poor folks always have an extra couple hundred a month lying around to cover things. Oh well. It's been a good extra decade anyway...
The surreal experience with this is that at the same time we're going on a cruise! I personally would rather(as would CHuck) have the money to pay for my pills but....whaat can you do? Last week my brother decided that he wanted everyone in FOrmal wear one night for pix. Not suit, tux. Now, even when I was Working I didn't have(or need) one. He relented but unfortunately a don't fit into my suits anymore(gee, it has been 8 yrs.....)so I got taken off to JC Penny. Again, would have rather had the money,but....
The Mental Health WOrker, Bless her heart has been trying all sorts of things to Lift my Spirits but as I pointed out, it's Normal for you to be Depressed when Depressing things happen. I'm actually not all that Depressed anymore simply because I Know the "lay ofthe land". It's Uncertainty that bothers me. Hey! After all, it took yrs for me to go from Normal to shitty T-cells, what's to say it won't Work out that way again;>!
Oh, and "Aslan" was stolen last night. Some Stoned kids were playing with Fireworks next door and, I guess thought it's be funny to take the Stone Lion from the Faggots' driveway. It was just a Plaster Lion Mom picked up a while back at a yrd sale and had been dissolving slowly due to rain and Acid soil(the side effect has been more Blossoms in that area;>). I Liked it's "Ancient" look. They're in for a rude awakening if they try to sell it. It's just plaster and was meant as an Indoor nick-nack.....
Pat(looking at his Frozen yrd....)


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