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Been a bit “Down” the last week. The last of Chuck’s money is gone and the earliest he could get a job is June, when we get back from the family reunion. We’re not going to Starve(I’m an Avid Gardener as well as Wildfoods Advocate..) and with the assistance for my aids meds I can cover the bills Chuck normally does but….
I’ve decided to try to get Chuck on Disability. I’ve noticed in the last couple of yrs that he’s had Increasing problems with the problems created by his Head Injury. The biggest has been Emotional. He literally can’t “deal” with backstabbing and corruption, the normal behaviors of a fair chunk of those who Work in the “Unskilled” labourforce. Also, without medical he’s showing a number of things that are easily treated for guys his age…if you can afford an MD. I think some of them are exacerbating the Head Trauma problems. There’s nothing locally for Head Injuries(not even for the fair number of Vets that have come back here in this military town…). If he was Mentally Ill or a Druggie, sure. We’re even in the weird position of hoping that his regular hiv test comes up Positive, so he could be eligible for healthcare per the county health dept. The only help it provides “People with exterior Plumbing” is for aids or Drug Abuse. Everything else is open only to Women or Women with kids. They used to cover Illegal males(the justification was that unlike citizens, they were more likely to carry communicable diseases and it was a “Public Health” issue, not a civil rights one…) but budget cuts have “86’ed” that.
He’s 54, too young for some, to old for others and as usual it’s all up to me. While I’m glad the Regin have made me so Competent, I wouldn’t mind not shouldering the Majority burden for a change:>….

“Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be glad it happens in that order.”-Solomon Short


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