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I was out Mowing today. Perfect Spring day….Hot Sun, Cool breeze. Then I noticed that the usual “Guardian” car had company. As I continued to Mow, another, then another appeared. Looked like Word had got out that one of the Faggots would be outside when the school bus arrived….
Most I Know would find this behavior Upsetting but I have Lived in “Churched” areas before and Reality isn’t something they’re big on. Ever since the neighborhood figured out that we weren’t “brothers”, there’s been at least one car to Protect the Carpet Vermin from “Predatory Homosexuals”. I guess because I’ve only Dated a couple of guys my Age and only once under(never did that again!) that I find it funny. I’m more of a Sam Elliot type anyway;>
I Love It. I’ve got two neighbors across the street. One holds Drinking parties almost nightly and whose friends have made sure no one Parks on street. The other couple get into Drunken brawls weekly, ending up with her at 0200 with one of the babies on her hip, cig in the other hand Screaming that she’s Leaving him(if only;>) and we’re the Bad Guys….


Mar. 15th, 2007 07:37 am
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Listening to General Pace's rant on Homosexualiy brought me back to those "joyful" yrs living in of Hypocrasy. During that time , among my boyfriends was included a dept head and a General at the Pentagon. Like Mark Foley and Pete Williams their Sexuality was well-known to everyone except the Public. The Hypocrasy always annoyed this incipiant Tyrssman. What was worse was that not only were these guys promoting anti-Gay agendas, they were being given "Outs" from it by their compatriots. It's OK to be a Gay General(well, technically Bi since you're Married;>) but not to be a Gay soldier below Colonel.
I Hope that Pace comes by his bigotry Honestly and not because of Jealousy, since ______ was a heckovalot more Masculine and with more actual Combat experience than him...


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