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1. Occult games (I Ching, ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal ball, fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons)

-Runestaves. ‘D&D’ free since 1985.

2. Ashes from fire pits, including fireplaces and wood stoves

-Nope, though Chuck sometimes Burns Toast;>

3. Robes and detachable hoods

-Nope. Chuck has a couple though…

4. Gongs, drums and bells

-Got Windchimes on the porch…does that count?

5. Wooden stand for an altar, a marble slab or crosses

-Got a marble-topped Antique Washstand from France, that I use to Blot on…

6. Chalice, goblet, cruet

-We’re GAY. Whadayathink?!?!?!?

7. Phallus (sculpture of the male sex organ)

-My Freyr has one, as do to Illustrations of Thor and Odin

8. Heavy wooden staff, sword, knives

-A Wizard’s Staff has a Knob on the end,knob on the end, Knob on the end....…..

9. Small velvet pillow, scarlet in color

-Do we LOOK like the Pope;>?

10. Bullwhip, cat o'nine tails, ligatures

-Left all those things with the roommate in San Francisco;>…

11. Animal mask, possibly papier mache

-Nope, but Chuck collects Obnoxious “talking” stuffed animals just to Punish me;>

12. Black satin or velvet glove for the right hand

-Got a couple of pairs of Leather gloves,,,,

13. Large ruby ring, worn on the first finger of the right hand

-No Rubies. Got a shitload of Amber though;>

14. Flash powder, smoke bombs


15. Incense

-Got some Sandalwood Sticks and a bag of Frankincense around here somewhere…

16. Body paint, face paint

-Nope. Not a Hippy

17. Metal crown with four candle holders

-Nope. Not even a tiara;>

18. Ferns, palms

-Lotza plants but none of either…

19. Human or animal bones (especially skull, long bones, finger bones)

-None without Living flesh at present. Well, except for some chicken in the Freezer...

20. Coffin

-Nope. I plan to be Cremated. Where they'll be sprinkled changes hrly. Clive OWen's a good default choice though the new Bond;>....

21. Ritual books, black books, diaries (such as the Book of Shadows, which may be handwritten)


22. Medallions with satanic symbols

-Nope. No Christian symbols at all

23. Occult jewelry

-My Hammer’s worn under my t-shirt;>

24. Small animals in cages

-Nope. I prefer my housemice to run free to Entertain the dog…

25. Graph paper for fantasy games


26. Oddly shaped dice

Nope. See #1

27. Crystals

-Got some Champagne flutes that’re supposed to be;>

28. Small metal figurines of mythological nature

-Nope.All mine are Clay or Wood...

29. Posters of mythological beings, animals, half-animals

-I’ve got an Icelandic Poster;>

30. Nightmarish posters

-I’ve an ugly painting done by my Mom of two of our dogs. DOes that coount;>?

31. Sexual, particularly sado-masochistic, posters

-Well, I've a print of a cowboy.....
32. Posters of heavy metal and punk rock stars

-Puuulllease. That’s Soooo high school!

33. Paraphernalia related to the martial arts - such as ninja costumes and throwing stars.

-Nope. I don't even wear PJ's to bed;>...



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