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Been pretty Stressful around here lately. One of Chuck's jobs apps is closed and the other we'll find out Monday. The others have brought a HUGE level of frustration because they've all got to those computer kiosks and ALL have crashed or locked up TWICE! I Wish that if folks are going to a computer employment system, they'd have a paper fallback. The only one that got through was one through my computer. Another that had the home option did not...TWICE.
We have got him Intaked to the local Public Mental Health org. Sadly,things like a Head Injury don't qualify you for even assistance to find Assistance but being a Druggie or Boozer does. Luckly(NOT!) CHuck has a Severe Storm Phobia, which in Hurricane Alley and the Land of Afternoon Storms(well, before the Drought)was a BAD THING but will at least get him in the door and access to a Social Worker. Sure, he could have gone on DIsability when he was Disabled but he Refused to let it Define him, one of the many things I Love about him. Of course, not that it's becoming harder to function, there is no Help. As Usual, Doingthe Right Thing get you Punished.
I don't Know what we're going to do though financially. We're throwing everything "against the walls" and getting nowhere. The garden's not going to have anything beyond Squashblossoms to eat for at least another 4 weeks and I Hate the sort of food at foodbanks. Everything's Processed. Canned veggies, beans and pasta's about all that we use and they're not high on the "Poor Preferred" list that most Stock around here. Besides, there's the Attitude you get if you're White, Male and not someone's "Babydaddy"....that you're "Stealing" from the really Needy. You Know, the ones with the cell phones, Bluetooths, fancy clothes and gold jewelry...


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