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Prosperity Theology’s probably been around since the 1st Man/Deity Interaction. After all, it’s easy to see if something’s Working…Right? Virtue may be it’s own Reward, but it doesn’t pay the Retainers(or Servants;>).
In the States, quite a few of our Protestant denominations were and Televangelists ARE. Much of the Newage is. Luckly, while there are Individuals in Recon and Inspirationalist pre-C Ways, there are no “denominations”…THANK THE REGIN!!!!!
Sadly, a side effect of this World view is that those with Material Wealth are more likely to be Listened to…an “obvious” reason is that it Works(at least for the Proponent)….
A prime example is my SIL. Now, it doesn’t mater that I’m actually Studied material, often with those from the cultures involved(Chinese Medicine from a Cantonese gentleman who was Working with the aids community in the Bay Area, a Hindu Gentleman about Vedic Medicine and Metaphysics, etc), I’m on Disability…a sure sign that I can’t Know anything because otherwise I’d have a house in a Gated community like any proper Spiritual Person.
One of the things that has always Pissed me off about many of these folks is that not just they’ve made their Living in an often Unethical manner(to me), their sycophants are in such a place that they can afford to. My SIL’s had a series of husbands. She does have a degree though…in Philosophy for Pensacola College. My (now-ex)best friend had me, his parents and even one of his Spiritual Teachers who thought he had the Potential to be the Mahdi(if only she could have seen him at the Sex clubs in San Francisco, Stoned off his ample arse).
My SIL’s always trying to “Cure” me, either of aids or of my “silly” belief in Cartoon characters such as Thor. Friday she gave me for my B-Day a Xerox of a handout that her Guru(another Upperclass White Housefrau who took a couple classes and now is an expert in Asian Medicine) had given her and copies of the CD’s she bought at a UFO convention(they can’t afford to pay my folks the grand they owe them but my Bro can make $39,000 for 50 hrs Work and send his wife off to the other side of the country for a Week in an nice hotel). More ‘Celestine Prophesy’-type stuff and something about how Aliens were involved in the JFK Assassination. Since we Rent from them it’s smile and nod.
Don’t get me Wrong. My SIL’s a Good Person, just there’s something really annoying about Rich people who think they’re Right on ANY subject simply because They or those who Produced the material ARE. …

“The Pilgrims had come to escape religious persecution, to create a society where they could worship as they pleased and one day, God willing, even do some persecuting of their own.”-‘America, The Book’


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