Feb. 21st, 2007 10:23 am
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The scandal at Walter Reid brought to the attention of a number of folks a number of issues. A couple of related issues deal with the FACT that seems to have escaped our Glorious Leaders. Things have changed since Florence Nightingale, MASH and ‘China Beach’. Mortality rates drop as technology, esp. medical tech increases. Remember how “pleased” the Talking Heads were about the “low” level of American casualties? Those who would have been are now surviving.
Yes, this is “A Good Thing”. One thing that I have a bit of experience with and many families are now and will be discovering is that one of the things that used to kill now are more often survivable are Head Injuries. One of the things that few are warned about is that now matter how minor, they almost always involve what could be best described as a decrease in Emotional Maturity of varying degrees. A Temper Tantrum in a 6 yr old is annoying. One in an adult can be terrifying….esp. one with combat training. Also, like a kid they “blow up” and then are fine and often can’t Understand why you’re upset about what they did or said. Sometimes, just like a kid they don’t even remember what they did or said….
Support the Troops there and here as well as their families, both when they are gone and after they come back. Even a shoulder or ear is a greater support than “slip-covering” your car with stickers. This batch of wars are going to have the greatest number of surviving wounded percentage-wise than any of the previous and that esp. goes for Head Injuries. It used to be that there were two survival forms, Mild and Institutionalized. It’s a new world with a big middle ground….
Listen to them, Love them and don’t take it Personally….

Well, the angel remembered the few days he’d been essentially a human teenaged male, but since that had mostly involved being confused, hungry and obsessed with genitalia, it wasn’t much help. “Long Hot Summoning”


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