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I recently joined a list that would be best described as Heathen Survivalist. Folks seem a lot more level-headed than others I’ve run onto on-line OR the militia folks that my older brothers are part of(since at least the early “70’s”). While I’ve had Visions since even before I met these folks as a kid, it’s not something I’ve really Worried about. Why? Because Readiness IS. A very “Heathen” concept I’ve had, way before I Knew what Heathenry was.
Disaster, Economic Downturn, Bureaucratic stupidity(the Brown-outs of California a few yrs back…) all are made more comfortable when you are ready. We were out of Power once for almost two months after a hurricane and Passed without any problems…or sadly, loosing any weight;>!
Most of us live in an area that has some chance of Disaster; Weather, Geology, Hydrology,Stupidity, etc. Sadly, most don’t have the supplies to “deal” with a couple days without Power, Phone, Water or Grocery Store….let alone Something Bigger. Won’t even GO on about something like an EOTWAWKI(End Of The World As We Know It). I asked a Pagan friend about his lack of Prep for ANYTHING and it was the Usual “The Universe Will Provide”. I asked about Something Big and his reply was to Die as quickly and Painlessly and Reincarnate as soon as Computers were reinvented;>!
Being an aids person, an EOTWAWKI places me SOL, sort of. The two not-so-bad points is that aids meds don’t get folks “high” and don’t take care of regular Infections so aren’t big Lootables. Also, some evidence with “Drug Holidays” or patients who’ve stopped their meds for whatever reason that the Virus acts more like a new Infection. SO, instead of turning into a skeleton, coughing up Blood in a couple weeks it could be a number of yrs. And, of course the absence of large populations of “Infection Reservoirs” would help;>
Personally, I’d have a lot to offer a “Porkiclypse Community”. Both Medical and Herbal Medicine Background, Foraging and other Immediate Survival Skills, Knowledge of both Iron Age Ag and Husbandry, Trapping and a “splash” of “hobbies” like Papermaking and Calligraphy….

The collective IQ of the human race is a constant. The population continues to rise. The conclusion is left as an exercise for the student-Solomon Short


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