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It’s been an “Interesting” yr so the Chinese sense of the word. Family and Personal health Crisis’s, a hurricane and the edge of one, a pet Death and a shitload of stuff that somehow I get “volunteered” into doing. Gee…I can Remember wanting to start an Englisc class and do some Woodworking again……what month is it now;>?
One of the things this yr has done is to re-enforce my Opinion of Humanity in General. “Katrina” has been “Interesting”, because it’s brought up a lot of “Stuff”, Personally and community-wise…both Heathen and Geographical.
On the Geographical:
I live in the Florida Panhandle. Those of us East of Biloxi have been averaging a hurricane every 3-4 yrs for a couple of decades now….some as Strong as “Katrina”. We’ve Lived; Rebuilt and Learned…pretty much without Help from the Feds. The last one last yr(we’ve had two this yr, “Dennis” and “Katrina”, but just Her edge…only 90mph Winds) FEMA came and let folks file to be given Cheap plastic Tarps to cover the holes in your roof, if you were the owner. If you rented….
On the Heathen:
I’ve Lived here through 4 hurricane eyewalls landing within 35 mi of my home. I’ve been Active on-line in various Heathen lists and BBS’s since “90” and can could the number of times folks have asked how things were after all easily on one hand. Now, until now it didn’t really bother me because folks did the same to another “Wind Riders” on-line and figured they felt we could take care of ourselves. But the way some Heathens have been acting has made us Uncomfortable. Our On-line “Kindred” who never asked how we did are certainly Active…Now.
So, what’s the Difference?
As one had pointed out, we “Chose” to live in a Hurricane Zone. This came as a “Shock” to me, since I live here because my folks and brother live here Believe me, if I had my “druthers”, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this Sticky Mosquito ranch;>. This is from the same Heathens who are always spouting “Family 1st/Values. I was also a bit “Shocked” to find out that NO, Gulfport and Biloxi weren’t IN a “Hurricane Zone”. Silly me…….
Another that I find Amusing is the one that states,”well, you’re all Used to them”. This Reminds me of being told at a Pagan Festival that I, as a PWA with Severe Neuropathy, Mobility Problems and Chronic Pain don’t get the Disabled Discount because “you’ve Learned to Cope with your Issues”….unlike the 400# woman that threw her back out. “Being Prepared” is both a Boy Scout AND Heathen Value, IMO. Treating those who do/did “the Right Thing” with Indifference is not. Those of us who’ve been through these Storms Know what folks in the “K”zone are going through, because we’ve gone through the same thing…sometimes repeatedly and have plenty of Compassion. This is why a lot of us are Feeling Uncomfortable with some of the Emoting that some folks ON-line are doing, esp. for those that they’ve never met, even on-line. Esp. when those same folks, when we’ve all logged back in after weeks of being off-line are greeted with Indifference to Outright Hostility.
“Katrina” has taught a number of us a lot.


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