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Personally, I’m getting a bit tired of many Heathen’s “Christianitiaphobia”. Not that I don’t think it’s a disgusting, Soul-destroying, Malevolent Belief-system, just that I’m tired of this automatic tossing of anything Culturally “Christian”….because in Truth it usually isn’t very Christian.
While Wiccans and Modern Pagans will complain about Christian’s “Stealing their Religion”, Heathens who actually have a valid Right to those things tend to ignore them.
Any Reading of the Bible, Early Christianity, early Roman Church etc will show you how LITTLE the common Beliefs of European Christians ARE Christian.
A good example would be that of Angels. In Hebrew, Biblical and early(read pre-European Influenced) Christianity, They are, as one author succinctly put it, “YHVH’s Stormtroopers”. They strike Terror in the hearts of the Transgressors of His Laws. In actuality, if you read the early descriptions to a Modern Christian and don’t give the source, they would think you’re describing a Demon. They aren’t the Dead, they aren’t Guides of Individuals of Families and they are always described as Male. The Modern Christian Angel(sans Wings:>) describes better an Idis or an Alf.
Another would be the Afterlife. Again, nothing like the modern C view(well, with exceptions of small denominations such as JW’s…). In these you are DEAD. You remain DEAD until YHVH decides to bring your Body back to life…if you are of the Elect AND your corpse is still Intact after all those yrs….PERIOD. The Idea that when you die your Soul goes to be with your Dead Relatives or to the Halls of Divine Being(s), even that there is a place of Punishment(Sheol is literally the garbage dump. You burn the body of the Evil-doer, negating even Divine “clemency”. That’s IT.) for the really Evil.
We won’t EVEN start on the Holy Days;>!
So when you hear some Eejit online blowing off Lore because it was written down by Christians, Remember who really won the war of Ideas in the long run…

“We’re probably talking about a New Age kind of Angel;” Claire sighed. “human-appearing, frighteningly powerful, smug … a sweetly sanctimonious busybody”. “The Second Summoning”


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